Mission resilience in cloud computing: A biologically inspired approach


With the continuously improving capabilities enabling distributed computing, redundancy and diversity of services, Cloud environments are becoming increasingly more attractive for missioncritical and military operations. In such environments, mission assurance and survivability are key enabling factors for deployment, and must be provided as an intrinsic capability of the environment. Mission-critical frameworks must be safe and resistant to localized service failures and compromises. Furthermore, they must be able to autonomously learn and adapt to the environmental challenges and mission requirements. In this paper, we present a biologically inspired approach to mission survivability in cloud computing environments. Our approach introduces a multilayer infrastructure that implements threat detection and service failure coupled with distributed assessments of mission risks, automated re-organization, and re-planning capabilities. Our approach leverages some insights from developmental biology at the service orchestration level, and takes failures and risk estimations as weighting functions for resource allocation. The paper first introduces and formulates the proposed concept for a simple single mission environment. We then propose a simulated scenario for proof-of concept demonstration and preliminary evaluation, and conclude paper with a brief discussion of results and future work.

Publication Title

6th International Conference on Information Warfare and Security, ICIW 2011

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