Multi-modal sensor system integrating COTS technology for surveillance and tracking


The feasibility of low-cost, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) sensor nodes is studied in a distributed network, aiming at dynamic surveillance and tracking of ground targets. Data acquisition by the low-cost (< $50 US) miniature radar is described. We demonstrate the detection, ranging and velocity estimation capabilities of the mini-radar, and compare results to simulations. Furthermore, we integrate the radar output with supplementary sensor modalities, such as acoustic and vibration transducers, and infrared sensors. The method provides innovative solutions for detecting, identifying, and tracking vehicles and dismounts over a wide area in noisy conditions. This study presents a step towards distributed intelligent decision support and demonstrates effectiveness of small cheap sensors in identifying unique but similar events. Our work supports a pervasive sensor implementation relevant to the affordable open system architecture attribute of the U.S. Air Force Layered Sensing paradigm. © 2010 IEEE.

Publication Title

IEEE National Radar Conference - Proceedings