Network Intrusion Detection and Comparative Analysis using Ensemble Machine Learning and Feature Selection


Proper security solutions in the cyber world are crucial for enforcing network security by providing real-time network protection against network vulnerabilities and data exploitation. An effective intrusion detection strategy is capable of taking a holistic approach for protecting critical systems against unauthorized access or attack. In this paper, we describe a machine learning (ML) based comprehensive security solution for network intrusion detection using ensemble supervised ML framework and ensemble feature selection methods. In addition, we provide a comparative analysis of several ML models and feature selection methods. The goal of this research is to design a generic detection mechanism and achieve higher accuracy with minimal false positive rates (FPR). NSL-KDD, UNSW-NB15, and CICIDS2017 datasets are used in the experiment, and results show that our detection model can identify 99.3% of intrusions successfully with the lowest 0.5% of false alarms, which depicts better performance metrics compared to existing solutions.

Publication Title

IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management