OPNET/simulink based testbed for disturbance detection in the smart grid


The important backbone of the Smart Grid is the cyber/information infrastructure, which is primarily used to communicate with different grid components. Smart grid is a complex cyber physical system containing a numerous and variety number of sources, devices, controllers and loads. Therefore, smart grid is vulnerable to the grid related disturbances. For such a dynamic system, disturbance and intrusion detection is a paramount issue. This paper presents a Simulink and Opnet based co-simulated platform to carry out a cyber-intrusion in a cybernetwork for modern power systems and smart grid. The IEEE 30 bus power system model is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the simulated testbed. The experiments were performed by disturbing the circuit breakers reclosing time through a cyberattack. Different disturbance situations in the considered test system are considered and the results indicate the effectiveness of the proposed co-simulated scheme.

Publication Title

ACM International Conference Proceeding Series