Optimal control theory-based epidemic information spreading scheme for mobile social users with energy constraint


With the rapid development of energy-efficient cloud computing technologies, mobile users can share information with each other in different communities. However, due to the ever-increasing population of mobile users and the scale of networks, the energy-efficient delivery of information in mobile social networks (MSNs) becomes a new challenge. Therefore, in this paper, we propose an optimal control theory-based epidemic information spreading scheme for mobile users with energy constraint. First, we divide the social relationships of mobile users into four types based on blood, geography, work, and interest relationship. Second, we develop an analytical model to evaluate the influences of social relationships on the information spreading process in MSNs. Third, we present a control theory-based information spreading scheme to optimize the tradeoff between the consumed energy and delay. Finally, numerical results demonstrate that the presented scheme can save the energy and improve the quality of experience during information spreading for mobile users.

Publication Title

IEEE Access