PMAB: A Public Mutual Audit Blockchain for Outsourced Data in Cloud Storage


With the rapid growth of data, limited by the storage capacity, more and more IoT applications choose to outsource data to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). But, in such scenarios, outsourced data in cloud storage can be easily corrupted and difficult to be found in time, which brings about potential security issues. Thus, Provable Data Possession (PDP) protocol has been extensively researched due to its capability of supporting efficient audit for outsourced data in cloud. However, most PDP schemes require the Third-Party Auditor (TPA) to audit data for Data Owners (DOs), which requires the TPA to be trustworthy and fair. To eliminate the TPA, we present a Public Mutual Audit Blockchain (PMAB) for outsourced data in cloud storage. We first propose an audit chain architecture based on Ouroboros and an incentive mechanism based on credit to allow CSPs to audit each other mutually with anticollusion (any CSP is not willing to help other CSPs conceal data problems). Then, we design an audit protocol to achieve public audit efficiently with low cost of audit verification. Rigorous analysis explains the security of PMAB using game theory, and performance analysis shows the efficiency of PMAB using the real-world dataset.

Publication Title

Security and Communication Networks