Recommendations for the generalized intelligent framework for tutoring based on the development of the deeptutor tutoring service


We present in this paper the design of DeepTutor, the first dialoguebased intelligent tutoring system based on Learning Progressions, and its implications for developing the Generalized Framework for Intelligent Tutoring. We also present the design of SEMILAR, a semantic similarity toolkit, that helps researchers investigate and author semantic similarity models for evaluating natural language student inputs in conversatioanl ITSs. DeepTutor has been developed as a web service while SEMILAR is a Java library. Based on our experience with developing DeepTutor and SEMILAR, we contrast three different models for developing a standardized architecture for intelligent tutoring systems: (1) a single-entry web service coupled with XML protocols for queries and data, (2) a bundle of web services, and (3) library-API. Based on the analysis of the three models, recommendations are provided.

Publication Title

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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