Routing policies in named data networking


Modern inter-domain routing with BGP is based on policies rather than finding shortest paths. Network operators devise and implement policies affecting route selection and export independently of others. These policies are realized by tuning a variety of parameters, or knobs, present in BGP. Similarly, NDN, a information-centric future Internet architecture, will utilize a policy-based routing protocol such as BGP. However, NDN allows a finer granularity of policies (content names rather than hosts) and more traffic engineering opportunities. This work explores what routing policies could look like in an NDN Internet. We describe the knobs available to network operators and their possible settings. Furthermore, we explore the economic incentives present in an NDN Internet and reason how they might drive operators to set their policies. © 2011 ACM.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Information-Centric Networking, ICN'11