Shamir's Secret Sharing for Authentication without Reconstructing Password


Shamir's Secret sharing is a quantum attack proof algorithm and is used heavily for secret sharing. But it can also be used for authentication protocols as a replacement of hashing. In this paper, we propose an authentication protocol which will use Shamir's secret sharing method to authenticate with server. Hashing may not be able to hide data as effective in post quantum era. So in post quantum era, if any data server get exposed, users credentials can be also compromised as they were hidden by using hashing as an one way encryption. Our protocol will be able to solve this problem in a way that complete data exposure from server will not reveal the actual password provided by the user. So, even if the user uses same password for other online services/systems, these services and systems will not be effected.

Publication Title

2020 10th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference, CCWC 2020