Soundness and quality of semantic retrieval in DNA-based memories with abiotic data


Associative memories based on DNA-affinity have been proposed. Previously, we have quantified the quality of retrieval of genomic information in simulation. Here, the ability of two types of DNA-based memories to store abiotic data and retrieve semantic information is evaluated for soundness and compared to state-of-the-art symbolic methods available, such as LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis). Their ability is poor when performed without a proper compaction procedure. However, when the corpus is summarized through a selection protocol based on PCR or a training procedure to extract useful information, their performance is much closer to that of LSA, according to human expert ratings. These results are expected to improve and scale up when actual DNA molecules are employed in real test tubes, currently a feasible goal.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the 2004 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, CEC2004

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