Interaction and conflict in digital communication


This chapter explores how conflict is enacted, identified and addressed in digital interactions. It argues that research that explores the overlap between multimedia modes and channels that are used within the same communicative event also merits further attention. The chapter shows that as interaction increasingly blends multiple channels within the same communicative event, examining them as a whole will be increasingly necessary. It explains the terms “ritual�? and “convention(al)" interchangeably to describe behaviours that are regularly performed and that are understood as reflective of the norms of the community of Practice in achieving success in the game. Ritual has historically occupied a central place in human interaction, from lengthy religious rites and ceremonies to short ritual greetings. One of the clearest manifestations of ritual behaviour in any sport - including eSports such as League of Legends - is the use of aggressive and insulting language as a strategic tactic.

Publication Title

The Routledge Handbook of Language in Conflict