Prince Seti-Merenptah, Chancellor Bay, and the Bark Shrine of Seti II at Karnak


The Triple Bark Shrine of Seti II at Karnak provides us with the only known reference for his son and heir, Prince Seti-Merenptah. In two of the chapels, those of Mut (eastern wall) and Khonsu (western wall), the prince is depicted directly behind his father, who presents offerings to the Theban triad. In the central chapel dedicated to Amun, the figure occupying the position behind the king on both walls has been thoroughly expunged along with the accompanying texts providing his identity. This article seeks to present the epigraphic data from the Seti II bark shrine and refine Yurco's interpretation of them through analysis of the alterations and palimpsest inscriptions in the shrine's relief decoration. We will also reassess the historical implications of these reliefs as related to the life of Prince Seti-Merenptah and the early career of Chancellor Bay under Seti II. © 2013 Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden.

Publication Title

Journal of Egyptian History