Differential regulation of phosphoglycolate and phosphoglycerate phosphatases in Euglena


Exposure of dark grown resting Euglena to light induced the synthesis on cytoplasmic ribosomes of phosphoglycerate and phosphoglycolate phosphatases. Ethanol and malate, utilizable carbon sources, also induced phosphoglycerate phosphatase. Ethanol but not malate inhibited the photo-induction of phosphoglycolate phosphatase. Phosphoglycerate phosphatase was induced by light in the plastidless mutant W3BUL but not in the mutant W10BSmL while ethanol induced phosphoglycerate phosphatase synthesis in both mutants. The induction of phosphoglycerate phosphatase appears to represent a nutritional shift up response mediated by the non-chloroplast photoreceptor while phosphoglycolate phosphatase photoinduction appear to represent the catabolite repressible induction by a carbon source (light + CO2) of an enzyme required to utilize that carbon source. © 1982.

Publication Title

Plant Science Letters