A Characterization of Schauder Frames Which Are Near-Schauder Bases


A basic problem of interest in connection with the study of Schauder frames in Banach spaces is that of characterizing those Schauder frames which can essentially be regarded as Schauder bases. In this paper, we give a solution to this problem using the notion of the minimal-associated sequence spaces and the minimal-associated reconstruction operators for Schauder frames. We prove that a Schauder frame is a near-Schauder basis if and only if the kernel of the minimal-associated reconstruction operator contains no copy of c0. In particular, a Schauder frame of a Banach space with no copy of c0 is a near-Schauder basis if and only if the minimal-associated sequence space contains no copy of c0. In these cases, the minimal-associated reconstruction operator has a finite dimensional kernel and the dimension of the kernel is exactly the excess of the near-Schauder basis. Using these results, we make related applications on Besselian frames and near-Riesz bases. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Publication Title

Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications