Effect of demecolcine (colcemid) on goldfish oocyte meiosis in Vitro


Germinal vesicle migration (GVM) and dissolution (GVD) were studied in goldfish oocytes treated with 17‐α,20–β‐dihydroxyprogesterone (DHP) and/or demecolcine (DE; a colchicine derivative also known as colcemid) in vitro. DE (100 μg/ml) in the presence of DHP, enhanced steroid‐induced GVM, after both 24 and 48 hr of incubation and significantly reduced the DHP ED50 value for GVM. Similarly, administration of DE alone elicited a significant, dose‐related increase in GVM after 24 or 48 hr of incubation. The presence of DE, either alone or in combination with DHP, was without effect on GVD. The effect of DE was also tested on ooplasmic viscoelasticity in goldfish follicles subjected to a centrifugal force (160g for 1 min). Preincubation (24 hr) of goldfish follicles in DE significantly influenced the direction and the extent of the centrifugally induced GV movement along the axis of centrifugal force in a dose‐related fashion. The present results provide support for the hypothesis that cytoskeletal components, such as microtubules that are sensitive to DE, are involved in the mechanism of GVM in goldfish oocytes. Copyright © 1986 Alan R. Liss, Inc.

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Gamete Research