Analytic methods for uniform hypergraphs


This paper presents some analytic methods for studying uniform hypergraphs. Its starting point is the spectral theory of 2-graphs, in particular, the largest and the smallest eigenvalues λ and λmin of 2-graphs. First, these two parameters are extended to weighted uniform hypergraphs; second, the eigenvalues-numbers λ and λmin are extended to eigenvalues-functions λ (p) and λmin(p), which also encompass other graph parameters like the Lagrangian and the number of edges. In this way the functions λ(p) and λmin(p) seamlessly join spectral and traditional results in hypergraphs. In particular, this new viewpoint helps to show that spectral extremal and edge extremal problems are asymptotically equivalent. Naturally, all results about λ(p) and λmin(p) also extend spectral hypergraph theory, but delve into deeper problems than before. In fact, the resulting theory is new even for 2-graphs, where some well-settled topics become research challenges again. The paper covers a multitude of topics, with more than a hundred concrete statements to underpin an analytic theory for hypergraphs. Essential among these topics are a Perron-Frobenius type theory and methods for extremal hypergraph problems. Many open problems are raised and directions for possible further research are outlined. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Linear Algebra and Its Applications