Boundary stabilization of a 3-dimensional structural acoustic model (1)


The main result of this paper provides uniform decay rates obtained for the energy function associated with a three-dimensional structural acoustic model described by coupled system consisting of the wave equation and plate equation with the coupling on the interface between the acoustic chamber and the wall. The uniform stabilization is achieved by introducing a nonlinear dissipation acting via boundary forces applied at the edge of the plate and viscous or boundary damping applied to the wave equation. The results obtained in this paper extend, to the non-analytic, hyperbolic-like setting, the results obtained previously in the literature for acoustic problems modeled by structurally damped plates (governed by analytic semigroups). As a bypass product, we also obtain optimal uniform decay rates for the Euler Bernoulli plate equations with nonlinear boundary dissipation acting via shear forces only and without (i) any geometric conditions imposed on the domain,(ii) any growth conditions at the origin imposed on the nonlinear function. This is in contrast with the results obtained previously in the literature ([22] and references therein). © Elsevier, Paris.

Publication Title

Journal des Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees