Continuum percolation with steps in the square or the disc


In 1961 Gilbert defined a model of continuum percolation in which points are placed in the plane according to a Poisson process of density 1, and two are joined if one lies within a disc of area A about the other. We prove some good bounds on the critical area A c for percolation in this model. The proof is in two parts: First we give a rigorous reduction of the problem to a finite problem, and then we solve this problem using Monte-Carlo methods. We prove that, with 99.99% confidence, the critical area lies between 4.508 and 4.515. For the corresponding problem with the disc replaced by the square we prove, again with 99.99% confidence, that the critical area lies between 4.392 and 4.398.© 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Publication Title

Random Structures and Algorithms