Degree powers in graphs: The Erdo″s-Stone theorem


Let 1 ≤ p ≤ r + 1, with r ≥ 2 an integer, and let G be a graph of order n. Let d(v) denote the degree of a vertex v ∈ V(G). We show that if ∑ v∈n V (G)d p (v) > (1-1/r) pn p+1, then G has more than 1/2 6r(r+1)r rn r-1 (r + 1)-cliques sharing a common edge. From this we deduce that if ∑ v∈n V (G)d p (v) > (1-1/r) pn p+1+C, then G contains more than C/ p2 6r(r+1) +1 rrn r-p cliques of order r + 1. In turn, this statement is used to strengthen the Erdo's-Stone theorem by using ∑v∈V(G) d p(v) instead of the number of edges. © 2012 Cambridge University Press.

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Combinatorics Probability and Computing