Exact controllability of finite energy states for an acoustic wave/plate interaction under the influence of boundary and localized controls


In this work, we derive a result of exact controllability for a structural acoustic partial differential equation (PDE) model, comprised of a three-dimensional interior acoustic wave equation coupled to a two-dimensional Kirchoffplate equation, with the coupling being accomplished across a boundary interface. For this PDE system, we show that by means of boundary controls, the interior wave and Kirchoffplate initial data can be steered to an arbitrary finite energy state. In this work, key use is made of recent, microlocally-derived, L2 × H-1 "recovery" estimates for wave equations with Dirichlet boundary data. Moreover, the coupling of the disparate acoustic wave/Kirchoffplate dynamics is reconciled by means of sharp regularity estimates which are valid for hyperbolic equations of second order.

Publication Title

Advances in Differential Equations

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