Long-time dynamics and control of subsonic flow-structure interactions


In this paper we present recent results concerning nonlinear (von Karman and Berger) flow-structure interactions with a focus on stability, long-time dynamics, and convergence to equilibria. Flow-structure interactions describe the interaction of a flow of gas over a flexible plate. In particular, we (1) outline well-posedness results via nonlinear semigroup methods, (b) analyze damping mechanisms in the plate (interior and boundary), (c) discuss approaches to the study of long-time behavior of solutions (i.e. global compact attracting sets), and (d) present preliminary results concerning the asympototic smoothness of both the von Karman and Berger flow-structure systems with boundary damping. We conclude with an assessment of several open problems for both the von Karman and Berger flow-structure interactions. © 2012 AACC American Automatic Control Council).

Publication Title

Proceedings of the American Control Conference