On the membrane approximation in isothermal film casting thomas hagen


In this work, a one-dimensional model for isothermal film casting is studied. Film casting is an important engineering process to manufacture thin films and sheets from a highly viscous polymer melt. The model equations account for variations in film width and film thickness, and arise from thinness and kinematic assumptions for the free liquid film. The first aspect of our study is a rigorous discussion of the existence and uniqueness of stationary solutions. This objective is approached via the argument principle, exploiting the homotopy invariance of a family of analytic functions. As our second objective, we analyze the linearization of the governing equations about stationary solutions. It is shown that solutions for the associated boundary-initial value problem are given by a strongly continuous semigroup of bounded linear operators. To reach this result, we cast the relevant Cauchy problem in a more accessible form. These transformed equations allow us insight into the regularity of the semigroup, thus yielding the validity of the spectral mapping theorem for the semigroup and the spectrally determined growth property.

Publication Title

Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik