Orthogonally blocked mixture component-amount designs via projections of F-squares


Orthogonal block designs for Scheffé's quadratic model have been considered previously by Draper etal. (1993), John (1984), Lewis etal. (1994) and Prescott, Draper, Dean, and Lewis (1993). Prescott and Draper (2004) obtained mixture component-amount designs via projections of standard mixture designs, viz., the simplex-lattice, the simplex-centroid and the orthogonally blocked mixture designs based on latin squares. Aggarwal, Singh, Sarin, and Husain (2009) considered the case of components assuming equal volume fractions and obtained mixture designs in orthogonal blocks using F-squares. In this paper, we construct orthogonal blocks of two and three mixture component-amount blends by projecting the class of four component mixture designs presented by Aggarwal etal. (2009). © 2011 The Korean Statistical Society.

Publication Title

Journal of the Korean Statistical Society