Projection properties of three-level screening designs


Screening designs are important for finding the factors that have a major effect on industrial experiments. In regard to quantitative factors, certain experimenters prefer three-level rather than two-level factors because having three levels can provide some assessments for capturing curvature in the response. In a recent paper, Jones and Nachtsheim, Journal of Quality Technology43, 1–15, proposed a new class of designs called definitive screening designs. Definitive screening designs have more favourable properties than classical screening designs. In this paper, we study the projection properties of three-level screening designs. The comparison is based on several criteria such as D-efficiency, G-efficiency, A-efficiency and average of variance over a range of models that include main effects, interaction and quadratic terms. New designs are generated as projections of the full designs into a smaller factor dimensional space. The best projections and their properties are presented in a tabular form.

Publication Title

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics