Hematoma-inspired alginate/platelet releasate/CaPO4 composite: Initiation of the inflammatory-mediated response associated with fracture repair in vitro and ex vivo injection delivery


A clinical need continues for consistent bone remodeling within problematic sites such as those of fracture nonunion, avascular necrosis, or irregular bone formations. In attempt to address such needs, a biomaterial system is proposed to induce early inflammatory responses after implantation and to provide later osteoconductive scaffolding for bone regeneration. Biomaterial-induced inflammation would parallel the early stage of hematomainduced fracture repair and allow scaffold-promoted remodeling of osseous tissue to a healthy state. Initiation of the wound healing cascade by two human concentrated platelet releasate-containing alginate/b-tricalcium phosphate biocomposites has been studied in vitro using the TIB-71™ RAW264.7 mouse monocyte cell line. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Publication Title

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine