The Learner Data Institute-Conceptualization: A Progress Report


This paper provides a progress report on the first 18 months of Phase 1, the conceptualization phase, of the Learner Data Institute (LDI; LDI is currently in Phase 1, the conceptualization phase, to be followed by Phase 2, the institute or convergence phase. The current 2-year conceptualization phase has two major goals: (1) develop, implement, evaluate, and refine a framework for data-intensive science and engineering for the future institute, and (2) use the framework to provide prototype solutions, based on data, data science, and science convergence, to a number of core challenges in learning science and engineering. By targeting a critical mass of key challenges that are at a tipping point, LDI aims to start a chain reaction that will transform the whole learning ecosystem. We will emphasize here the key elements of the LDI science convergence framework that our team developed, implemented, and now is in the process of evaluating and refining. We highlight important outcomes of the convergence framework and related processes, including a 5-year plan for the institute phase and data-intensive prototype solutions to transform the learning ecosystem.

Publication Title

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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