A high power light emitting diode module for projection display application


Light emitting diode (LED) has numerous advantages such as long lifetime, large color gamut, small size and the absence of mercury vapor. In recent years, there has been recognition that LED could be an alternative light source for projection display application. In this work, dielectric compound parabolic concentrators (CPCs) were designed and optimized for multiple-LED array packaging structure for projection display application. The performance of rectangular CPC was studied and compared to theoretical simulations. Rectangular CPC was fabricated as the collector and collimator. A high power green LED module combined with rectangular CPC was fabricated and its performance was characterized. More than 90% light emitted by multiple-LED array can be collected by the CPC and transmit within the designed angle. A high power of 2.09W and a high luminous flux of 800 lm were obtained. © 2010 IEEE.

Publication Title

Proceedings - 2010 11th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology and High Density Packaging, ICEPT-HDP 2010