Investigation of crosslinked silica aerogels for implant applications


Silica-based Aerogels have a number of unique properties that make them suitable for a range of applications. These include superior thermal, acoustic, and electrical insulation capabilities, all associated with the highly-porous nature of this class of materials. Crosslinked (X) silica aerogels have improved mechanical and surface properties making them suitable for biomedical device applications, particularly in the peripheral regions of the body. Aerogel's ability to dampen sounds waves is particularly important since it would allow an external non-invasive imaging technique for aerogel based implants. The biocompatibility of this class of material must be addressed prior to the development of in vivo imaging data. In this work, the authors report on the growth and interaction of Opossum Kidney cells and dorsal root ganglia on crosslinked silica aerogels, paving the way for implant applications. © 2011 IEEE.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the 2011 Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Conference: Image Informatics and Analytics in Biomedicine, BSEC 2011