Domain growth, budding, and fission in phase-separating self-assembled fluid bilayers


A systematic investigation of the phase-separation dynamics in self-assembled binary fluid vesicles and open membranes is presented. We use large-scale dissipative particle dynamics to explicitly account for solvent, thereby allowing for numerical investigation of the effects of hydrodynamics and area-to-volume constraints. In the case of asymmetric lipid composition, we observed regimes corresponding to coalescence of flat patches, budding, vesiculation, and coalescence of caps. The area-to-volume constraint and hydrodynamics have a strong influence on these regimes and the crossovers between them. In the case of symmetric mixtures, irrespective of the area-to-volume ratio, we observed a growth regime with an exponent of 12. The same exponent is also found in the case of open membranes with symmetric composition. © 2005 American Institute of Physics.

Publication Title

Journal of Chemical Physics