Effect of Ga and Zr substitution on the properties of Dy2Fe17−xZrx and Dy2Fe16Ga1−xZrx (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) intermetallic compounds prepared via arc melting process


The effects of substitution of Zr and Ga on the structural and magnetic properties of Dy2Fe17 intermetallic compound were investigated in this study. The Rietveld analysis confirmed that the crystalline system was a Th2Ni17 structure. Lattice parameters a (Å) and c (Å), unit cell volume (Å3), and bonding distance (Å) were calculated using Rietveld analysis. The unit cell volume of Dy2Fe17−xZrx and Dy2Fe16Ga1−xZrx increased linearly with Zr and Ga substitution. The Curie temperature (Tc) of Dy2Fe17−xZrx and Dy2Fe16Ga1−xZrx was found to be Zr content-dependent. The maximum Curie temperatures were observed at 510 K (x = 0.75 Zr content) for Dy2Fe17−xZrx and 505.1 K (x = 0.5 Zr content) for Dy2Fe16Ga1−xZrx, which are 102 K and 97 K higher than the value found for Dy2Fe17, respectively. The room-temperature Mössbauer analysis showed a decrease in the average hyperfine field and increases in the isomer shift with Zr doping. The overall improvement in Curie temperature with the substitution strategy of Zr–Ga substitution in 2:17 intermetallic compounds could find potential use of these magnetic compounds in high-temperature applications.

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