Effect of low temperature annealing on high field magnetoresistance and hall effect in (Ga,Mn)As Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors


In this paper we report the effect of low temperature annealing on the high field magneto-transport properties of epitaxial thin films of (Ga,Mn)As Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor (DMS) with low concentration (1.5 %) of Mn doping, which results in a ferromagnetic insulator. Annealing at an optimal temperature enhances the conductivity, carrier concentration, and ferromagnetic transition temperature. The field dependence of magnetoresistance is different below and above the ferromagnetic transition temperature. An attempt is made to analyze the data using a theoretical model proposed by Kaminski and Das Sarma [1]. © 2005 Materials Research Society.

Publication Title

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings

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