Effect of nanoscale rods on the kinetics of phase-separating multi-component fluids


Using large scale particle dynamics simulations, we investigated the effect of nanoscale rods on the dynamics of phase separation dynamics of two-component fluids in three dimensions. We found that when the nanoparticles interact more attractively with one of the two segregating component, they lead to a reduction of the rate of domain growth, and that this decrease is intensified as the nanoparticles volume fraction is increased. Furthermore, our results show that nanorods are much more effective in slowing down the kinetics than nanosphres. The dramatic effect of nanorods on the dynamics of phase separation of multi-component fluids, as opposed to nanospheres, implies that they may be used as an efficacious emulsifying agent of multi-component polymer blends. © 2005 Materials Research Society.

Publication Title

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings