Eigenmodes of Néel skyrmions in ultrathin magnetic films


The static and dynamic states of Néel skyrmions in ultrathin ferromagnetic films with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) have been micromagnetically simulated as functions of the interfacial DMI strength and applied static magnetic field. Findings reveal that while the breathing, counterclockwise (CCW) and clockwise (CW) rotational eigenmodes exist in the skyrmion lattice (SkL) phase, only the first two modes are present in the isolated skyrmion (ISk) phase. Additionally, the eigenfrequency of the CCW mode is insensitive to the magnetic-field driven SkL−ISk phase transition, and the inter-skyrmion interaction is largely responsible for exciting the CW mode in the SkL phase. The findings provide physical insight into the dynamics of the phase transition and would be of use to potential skyrmion-based microwave applications.

Publication Title

AIP Advances