Imaging spectroscopy of the centers of nearby agn: Molecular gas streaming and obscuring the active nucleus of NGC 1068


At spatial resolutions as small as 0.075", we have mapped the distribution and kinematics of the gas and stars in a survey of nearby AGN using the near infrared adaptive optics integral field spectrograph SINFONI. Here we present results on general properties of the star formation and the molecular gas in the central regions of 9 AGN. In addition, for NGC 1068 at a resolution of 5 pc, we present direct observations of molecular gas right infront of the AGN and streaming towards the nucleus. We interpret the nuclear clump of gas as a set of infalling clouds that form the optically thick outerpart of an amorphous clumpy molecular/dusty structure. © 2008: Instituto de Ashonomía.

Publication Title

Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica: Serie de Conferencias

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