Influence of La content on magnetic properties of Cu doped M-type strontium hexaferrite: Structural, magnetic, and Mossbauer spectroscopy study


The present study investigates the influence of Cu2+ and La3+-Cu2+ doping on the magnetic properties of Sr1−xLaxFe12−xCuxO19 (x = 0.0–0.5) hexaferrite (SrM) compounds. The samples were prepared via facile autocombustion technique followed by sintering. X-ray powder diffraction patterns show the formation of the pure phase of M-type hexaferrite for all x. Invariance in lattice parameters was observed with only Cu2+ substitution while lattice contraction along c-axis was observed with co-doping La3+-Cu2+ in SrM. The magnetic property of these compounds is explained based on Cu2+ occupancy in the absence and presence of La3+ in SrM magnetoplumbite structure. The Cu2+ doped SrFe12−xCuxO19 sample showed a monotonic decrease in Ms value while La3+-Cu2+ showed a noticeable increase in Ms value with x. Furthermore, while coercivity of Cu2+ doped SrM reduced with x, the coercivity of La3+-Cu2+ doped SrM showed a marked 12% increase in coercivity at x = 0.1 (Hc = 4391 Oe) from that of x = 0.0 (3918 Oe). Interestingly, Cu2+ doped SrM displayed invariance in Tc ∼ 458.6 °C with x, while La3+-Cu2+ doping reduced Tc by 5% from its x = 0 (Tc = 451.9 °C) to 429.6 °C. The room temperature Mossbauer spectral analysis confirmed a Cu2+ preference for the 12k site and its occupancy is observed to be influenced by the presence of La3+ ion at the Sr2+ site.

Publication Title

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials