Low‐temperature thermoluminescent characteristics of CaF2:Mn


Thermoluminescence (TL), phototransferred TL (PTTL), and photobleaching are investigated of CaF2:Mn (0.1%) from liquid nitrogen temperature (LNT) to room temperature (RT). The glow curve has peaks at 97, 145, 194, 230, and 265 K; the emission spectrum consists of two bands peaking at about 345 and 495 nm. The glow curve and the emission spectrum of a Ce‐doped sample are also recorded for comparison. Photobleaching is observed to occur at different rates for different peaks. Phototransfer is seen to take place from above RT residual TL traps to the below RT TL traps except for those corresponding to the peaks at 97 and 145 K. Trap parameters are determined by the initial‐rise and peak‐shape methods. Results obtained are discussed in the light of existing models of the TL mechanism in CaF2: Mn. Copyright © 1985 WILEY‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

Publication Title

physica status solidi (a)