Magnetocaloric Study of La0.45Nd0.25Sr0.3MnO/MO (MO = CuO, CoO, and NiO) Nanocomposites


The influence of transition metal oxide (MO) on the structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric properties for La0.45Nd0.25Sr0.3MnO3(LSMO)/ x -wt.% MO (MO = CuO, CoO and NiO) nanocomposite samples has been investigated using X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and magnetic measurements. Pure phase nanocomposites were prepared via the one-pot autocombustion method. The XRD patterns of the composite reveal the presence of a distinct pure phase of LSMO and MOs. Temperature-dependent field-cooled magnetization curve exhibits second-order phase transition near room temperature. The isothermal magnetic entropy change ( Δ S_M ) is calculated from magnetic isotherms. LSMO - 2.5 wt.% CuO composite - display Δ S_M∼ -3.95 J/kg ˙ K , highest among studied composites, which is 110% higher than LSMO. While the relative cooling power (RCP) values were observed to be maximum for 5 wt.% CoO composite.

Publication Title

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics