Memristive devices from ZnO nanowire bundles and meshes


We report two types of memristive devices made of ZnO nanowire assemblies and Ag electrodes: nanowire-bundle and nanowire-mesh memristors. Although constructed with the same materials, these devices exhibit different characteristics. Nanowire-bundle memristors have small On/Off ratios and feature stable hysteresis under X-ray irradiation. Nanowire-mesh memristors show large On/Off ratios and multiple distinct states. We attribute the switching in bundle nanowires to the modification of the Schottky barrier by the mobile Ag ions and the stability of hysteresis to the ability of the bundles to retain Ag in the alleys between nanowires, as confirmed by first-principles calculations and energy dispersive x-ray measurements. For nanowire-mesh memristors, the high On/Off ratio leads us to attribute the switching mechanism to the formation and dissolution of Ag bridges in the nano-gaps at the intersections of nanowires.

Publication Title

Applied Physics Letters