Nickel nano-wires filled alumina templates for microwave electronics


The magnetic properties of arrays of one-dimensional nickel nano-wires with high aspect ratio have been studied by a Network Analyzer based ferromagnetic resonance (NA-FMR) technique using a flip-chip method in frequency domain. The frequency-field data [fr(Ho)] is observed to be tunable up to 14-16 GHz with an applied field (Ho) ]of 4 kOe. The fundamental magnetic parameters such as the spontaneous magnetization, gyromagnetic ratio (γ), and magnetic anisotropies of the nanowires were derived from f r(HO) data. The resonance response of the Ni nanowire is explained theoretically by calculating the transmission parameter using a simple method; where the nanowire in the alumina matrix is represented by an effective medium. The power transmitted per unit area in the coplanar waveguide transmission line with the sample is calculated from the Poynting vector using the RF field components at all positions around the signal line in the waveguide. © 2009 IEEE.

Publication Title

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics