Noninvasive Detection, Tracking, and Characterization of Aerogel Implants Using Diagnostic Ultrasound


Medical implants are routinely tracked and monitored using different techniques, such as MRI, X‐ray, and ultrasound. Due to the need for ionizing radiation, the two former methods pose a significant risk to tissue. Ultrasound imaging, however, is non‐invasive and presents no known risk to human tissue. Aerogels are an emerging material with great potential in biomedical implants. While qualitative observation of ultrasound images by experts can already provide a lot of infor-mation about the implants and the surrounding structures, this paper describes the development and study of two simple B‐Mode image analysis techniques based on attenuation measurements and echogenicity comparisons, which can further enhance the study of the biological tissues and implants, especially of different types of biocompatible aerogels.

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