Polystyrene activated linear tube carbon nanofiber for durable and high-performance supercapacitors


With increasing demand for sustainable energy, it is essential to develop low cost, high performance, and environment-friendly materials for energy storage application. Metal oxides and sulfides are mostly being used as electrode materials for energy storage devices. However, their wide applications are precluded due to their higher cost, low stability, and adverse effect on the environment. Therefore, development of environment-friendly supercapacitors with low cost, high performance, and stable performance is a big challenge. Here, we report surface engineered carbon nanofibers for durable and high-performance supercapacitor. Surface engineered carbon nanofibers showed the highest specific capacitance of 277 F/g (at 1 mV/s), along with superior flexibility and cyclic stability. Moreover, they showed high energy and power density of 30.5 Wh/kg and 8.3 kW/kg, respectively. The cyclic stability showed almost 100% retention in charge storage capacity up to 5000 cycles. Electrochemical properties of a fabricated symmetrical supercapacitor device using these carbon nanofibers showed improved charge storage capacity at elevated temperatures. The charge storage capacity improved by over 150% by increasing temperature from 10 to 60 °C. Our results suggest that surface engineered carbon nanofibers could be a potential candidate for higher performance and durable supercapacitors.

Publication Title

Surface and Coatings Technology