Silver decorated carbon nanospheres as effective visible light photocatalyst


The objective of this study was to assess usability of silver nanoparticles loaded on amorphous carbon (Ag-C) hollow nanospheres for the removal of Methylene Blue (MB) molecules from aqueous solutions. Using microwave technique, silver nanoparticles of different weight ratio was deposited onto amorphous carbon templates. The carbon hollow spheres were derived from glucose using hydrothermal technique. Interestingly crystallite size of Ag decreased with the silver loading on carbon nanospheres. Using UV-vis spectroscopy, the kinetics of MB removal from the solution was assessed. The degradation of MB followed pseudo-first-order kinetics. The obtained results showed that Ag-C particles are efficient MB degradation agent with the rate constant as high as 0.19 m -1 under visible light and 0.041 m-1 under UV light. Thus Ag-C particles are good alternative as low-cost scavenger of dye molecules in wastewater treatments. © 2013 Materials Research Society.

Publication Title

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings