Low speed preparation of microsomes: A comparative study


Microsomal fractions were isolated from hepatic tissue, housefly abdomen and southern armyworm midgut, either by centrifugation of post-mitochondrial supernatant for 1 h at 105 000×g or by calcium sedimentation and low speed centrifugation. A comparison of the two methods of isolation were made on the basis of: NADPH oxidase activity, O-demethylation of p-nitroanisole, spectral parameters of cytochrome P-450, and integrity of ultrastructural constituents. The method of isolation did not effect these parameters appreciably for microsomes isolated from hepatic tissue. Calcium sedimentation of insect microsomes resulted in a reduction of enzyme activity and an apparent decrease in cytochrome P-450. Ultrastructural integrity did not appear to be influenced by the method of sedimentation. © 1973.

Publication Title

Chemico-Biological Interactions