Synthesis and characterization of FeNi/polymer nanocomposites


Alloyed spherical FeNi-polymer nanocomposites were prepared via wet chemical method using hydrazine as a reducing agent and polymers (PVP and PEG) as reducing and stabilizing agent. Structural studies performed using XRD and TEM shows uniform dispersion of fine FeNi nanocrys-tallites in nanocomposite particles. The size and thermal stability of FeNi-polymer nanocomposite particles prepared under same reaction condition was found to be dependent on the type and the molecular weight of the polymer used. However, the magnetic properties of nanocomposite particles were not influenced by the polymers. The study highlights subtle differences in using polymers during the synthesis of alloyed nanocomposite particles. © 2010 American Scientific Publishers.

Publication Title

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology