Tailoring of Electromagnetic Absorption in Substituted Hexaferrites from 8.2 GHz to 12.4 GHz


Microwave absorbers are an important topic of interest to mitigate electromagnetic interference. Here, we have investigated electromagnetic absorption properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5CoxInxFe12−2xO19 hexaferrite prepared by the conventional ceramic method. M-type hexagonal structure in the compositions was confirmed from x-ray diffraction analysis. The role of Co2+ and In3+, thickness of composition and frequency on the electromagnetic absorption in the ferrite compositions has been explored from 8.2 GHz to 12.4 GHz. It was found that both Co2+-In3+ increased microwave/electromagnetic absorption with broad bandwidth, decreased the thickness and enhanced impedance matching. The reflection loss of −39.99 dB was noted in the composition x = 0.2 for the thickness of 1.6 mm and a frequency of 11.14 GHz. The results conclude that investigated compositions of Ba0.5Sr0.5CoxInxFe12−2xO19 ferrite ameliorate absorber applications.

Publication Title

Journal of Electronic Materials