Thermal Evolution of Low‐Temperature Manganese Centers in X‐Irradiated CaF2:Mn


Thermal evolution of the radiation‐induced defects in CaF2:Mn (0.1% by weight) are investigated by ESR techniques. The Mn+ resonance is found to decay at 200 K with an activation energy of 0.44 eV and frequency factor 2.8 × 108s−1 which agree with previous luminescence and optical absorption measurements. This activation energy and decay temperature also agree with that of the previously described H center. It is concluded that the luminescence in CaF2:Mn results from thermal release of holes at H centers with ultimate recombination at Mn+ ions producing excited state Mn2+(*). Relaxation yields the observed 500 nm emission characteristic of Mn2+. A second defect which decays at 150 K is observed but not identified. Copyright © 1984 WILEY‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

Publication Title

physica status solidi (b)