Ultrafast non-local control of spontaneous emission


The radiative interaction of solid-state emitters with cavity fields is the basis of semiconductor microcavity lasers and cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED) systems. Its control in real time would open new avenues for the generation of non-classical light states, the control of entanglement and the modulation of lasers. However, unlike atomic CQED or circuit quantum electrodynamics 2-6, the real-time control of radiative processes has not yet been achieved in semiconductors because of the ultrafast timescales involved. Here we propose an ultrafast non-local moulding of the vacuum field in a coupled-cavity system as an approach to the control of radiative processes and demonstrate the dynamic control of the spontaneous emission (SE) of quantum dots (QDs) in a photonic crystal (PhC) cavity on ∼200 ps timescale, much faster than their natural SE lifetimes.

Publication Title

Nature Nanotechnology