The Impact of Globalization on Women's and Non-Women's Protest*


Objectives: We advance hypotheses on the extent to which the three main aspects of globalization—economic, political, and social—fuel mass protest and delineate how these effects can be especially instrumental in understanding collective mass mobilization among a historically disadvantaged group, women. Methods: We use new and updated data on anti-government protest to examine the covariates of protest intensity cross-nationally over time. Results: Results from the data analysis indicate that while political globalization is associated with reduced women's protest, social globalization is associated with increased women's and non-women's protest. Further, economic globalization has somewhat divergent effects on women's and non-women's protest. Conclusions: Results from our thorough analysis of the three main aspects of globalization highlight the varying effects that different dimensions of globalization have on political protest. Our study offers a unique analysis of the factors associated with protest by women and compares it to other types of protest.

Publication Title

Social Science Quarterly