A Comparison of Personalized Feedback for College Student Drinkers Delivered with and without a Motivational Interview


Objective: This study evaluated the relative efficacy of personalized drinking feedback (PDF) delivered with and without a motivational interview (MI) for college student drinkers. Method: Heavy-drinking college students (N = 54; 69% female) were identified from a large screening sample and randomly assigned either to receive PDF during a single MI session or to receive PDF without an MI. Of these participants, 51 (94%) completed a 6-month follow-up assessment that included measures of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems. Results: At 6-months postintervention, participants in both groups showed significant, small to moderate reductions in alcohol consumption, but the groups did not differ. Women showed larger reductions than men. Rates of alcohol-related problems remained relatively unchanged. Conclusions: The hypothesis that an MI would enhance the efficacy of PDF was not supported.

Publication Title

Journal of Studies on Alcohol