Behavioral assessment and treatment of panic disorder: Current status, future directions


This article reviews the current status of behavioral approaches to the assessment and treatment of Panic Disorder (PD). One goal in writing this article is to facilitate exchange between the science and the practice of behavior therapy for PD. Although current behavioral and cognitive-behavioral treatment interventions for PD show favorable results, this disorder remains fairly common. Prior to reviewing the data from controlled trials of these types of intervention approaches, the presentation and diagnosis of PD is discussed. Additionally, an overview of conceptual accounts of PD is included, as these provide the rationale for current approaches to assessment and treatment. Specific recommendations regarding assessment, treatment planning, progress monitoring, and outcome evaluation are included throughout. As noted, behavioral approaches to PD represent a vital, active area of the field, where many innovations and answers have been forthcoming. This review highlights these recent developments and suggests future directions which would further enhance our knowledge about PD. © 1994 Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy. All rights reserved.

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Behavior Therapy